Institute For Computer Science And Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences has also attended Researchers' Night 2018 in Hungary with many programs. One of them was our demo, presenting Mixed Reality with ApertusVR.

The pan-European researcher's night kicked off in Hungary on Friday with more than 2,600 programs awaiting visitors across the country at more than two hundred locations on Friday and Saturday.

"There are more than 2,650 different programs available at 260 sites in Hungary," according to Bela Kardon, coordinator of the Hungarian program series, and the scientific director of RCISD Regional Knowledge Center.
A record number of participants joined the event as a result of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, Kardon added.

Every year, hundreds of events take place simultaneously across Europe and neighboring countries. In 2018, the events took place on Friday in over 340 cities in Europe and in neighboring countries. In Brussels, the European Commission and the European Parliament are organizing a special event related to the event called "Science is Wonderful-European Researchers' Night".

All the events are supported by the European Commission, to boost the careers of researchers. The European Researchers' Nights have been organized every September since 2005. Last year in 2017 about 1.1 million citizens and over 21,000 researchers took part in these scientific events. The events showcase what researchers really do for society in interactive and engaging ways, promoting research careers.

Events deal with subjects such as the fight against cancer, stopping global warming, preventing hunger and drought, inventing devices for disabled people, and making human life easier in space.

source: Xinhua